Karen Short

Research Ecologist
(406) 329-4973

Personal Summary

Karen's current work focuses on wildfire risk science and applications, including development of national products used in research and management.

Major projects include:

  • Development of foundational geospatial datasets including a national fire-occurrence database, a research-ready compilation of incident status summary (ICS-209) reports for large fires, national burn probability and conditional intensity map products
  • Assessment of wildfire exposure to the wildland-urban interface in the western US and elsewhere
  • Characterizing the drivers and potential impacts of large-fire co-occurrence at multiple spatial scales
  • Characterizing potential changes in landscape fire activity under future climate scenarios

Selected Publications & Products

Lise A. St. Denis, Nathan P. Mietkiewicz, Karen C. Short, Mollie Buckland, Jennifer K. Balch: All-hazards dataset mined from the US National Incident Management System 1999–2014

Short, Karen C. 2017. Spatial wildfire occurrence data for the United States, 1992-2015 [FPA_FOD_20170508]. 4th Edition. Fort Collins, CO: Forest Service Research Data Archive.

Short, Karen C.; Finney, Mark A.; Scott, Joe H.; Gilbertson-Day, Julie W.; Grenfell, Isaac C. 2016. Spatial dataset of probabilistic wildfire risk components for the conterminous United States. 1st Edition. Fort Collins, CO: Forest Service Research Data Archive.

Short, Karen C. 2015. Sources and implications of bias and uncertainty in a century of US wildfire activity data. International Journal of Wildland Fire.

Short, K. C. 2014. A spatial database of wildfires in the United States, 1992-2011. Earth System Science Data. 6: 1-27.


Karen Short working in the field.