TracPlus features FSim – Mapping The U.S. Wildfire Hazard at a National Scale

Submitted by fl_admin on Tue, 05/21/2019 - 08:09

Mark Finney, Karen Short and Greg Dillon are featured in Michael Archer's TracPlus article on FSim.


To understand FSim, it’s important to visualize the wildfire risk triangle, whose three sides represent likelihood, intensity and susceptibility.

“The FSim model gives us information on the likelihood of fire, and the potential intensity of fire,” Dillon explained. “Those two pieces together make up the integrated hazard. We can add in that third leg on the triangle, which is the susceptibility of things on the ground that are of value, including houses, business structures, wildlife habitat, power transmission towers, etc., and the benefits/detriments of fire in that area, so we have a way of quantifying the effect of fire on those resources and assets, then working that in as a susceptibility measure to the risk assessment to provide all three pieces to that risk triangle. That allows us to determine the wildfire risk across the landscape.”

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