Steve Baker

(406) 329-4860

Personal Summary

Stephen's research background and interests include:

  • Chemistry Laboratory - analysis of fire emissions by gas chromatography, real-time gas chemical analysis of gases, filter weighing room, and CNS analyzer.
  • Ground sampling of fire emissions in the US and Mexico, and the development of emission factors.
  • Ground and helicopter emissions sampling in central Siberia.
  • Soil respiration on burned Scots Pine forest plots of varying fire severity, measured annually in central Siberia.
  • Synthetic gas composition and emissions produced by mobile biofuel production facilities utilizing onsite logging residue.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from forest residue pile burning vs. biomass utilization power plants in California and Chile.
  • One year monitoring study of methane emissions from soil and masticated forest residue in California.

Selected Publications & Products

Anderson, Nathaniel; Jones, J. Greg; Page-Dumroese, Deborah; McCollum, Daniel; Baker, Stephen; Loeffler, Daniel; Chung, Woodam. 2013. A comparison of producer gas, biochar, and activated carbon from two distributed scale thermochemical conversion systems used to process forest biomass. Energies. 6: 164-183

Baker, Stephen; Bezkorovainaya, Irina. 2006. Effects of fire severity on soil respiration and soil microorganism populations in Siberian pine forest. San Diego, CA: Proceedings of the Association for Fire Ecology 3rd International Fire Ecology and Management Congress, Nov 13-17, 2006. Abstract and presentation.

Baker, S. P.; Hao, Wei Min; Dingley, S. 2004. Emissions of trace gases for forest fires in central Siberia. International Boreal Forest Research Association, 12th Annual Scientific Conference: Climate Disturbance Interactions in Boreal Forest Ecosystems. Abstract and poster.

Baker, S.; Bogorodskaya, A. V. 2010. The effect of fire intensity on soil respiration in Siberia boreal forest.American Geophysical Union. Fall Meeting: Abstract #GC33A-0934.

McRae, Douglas J.; Conard, Susan G.; Baker, Steve P.; Samsonov, Yuri N.; Ivanova, Galina A. 2009. Fire emissions in central Siberia.The Canadian Smoke Newsletter. Fall: 9-13.

Ottmar, Roger D.; Baker, S. P. 2007. Forest floor consumption and smoke characterization in boreal forested fuelbed types of Alaska. Final Report to the Joint Fire Science Program. Seattle, WA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory, Fire and Environmental Research Applications (FERA) Team. 43 p.

Samsonov, Y. N.; Ivanov, V. A.; McRae, D. J.; Baker, S. P. 2012. Chemical and dispersal characteristics of particulate emissions from forest fires in Siberia. International Journal of Wildland Fire.