Alan Ager

Research Forester
(541) 450-3946

Research Topics

  • Forest landscape modeling and scenario planning
  • Restoration of fire adapted systems
  • Socioecological aspects of wildfire risk governance
  • Transboundary risk assessment

Personal Summary

Alan Ager received his BS and PhD degrees in forest science from the University of Washington and began his Forest Service career in 1987 as a planning analyst on the Umatilla National Forest. His work has spanned a wide range of forest management issues, most recently wildfire risk and scenario planning. Alan and his research group map wildfire risk transmission to communities and combine this information with other land condition assessments to explore cross boundary investment scenarios as part of shared stewardship efforts. In related work Alan’s group is experimenting with forest landscape models to understand synergies between wildfire and forest management to improve landscape resiliency on fire excluded western forests. In prior work he developed several decision support systems that have been widely used in the management and research environment. Alan is adjunct faculty at Northern Arizona University, University of Portland, and Oregon State University where he serves as an advisor to several PhD students, faculty research associates and Forest Service International Scholars. His international work experience includes stints in Kenya, Ukraine, Sardinia, France, Portugal, and Sweden. Alan is currently on detail to the Washington Office Research and Development under the Development, Sustainable Forest Management program.

Selected Publications & Products

Ager, Alan; Palaiologou, Palaiologos; Evers, Cody R.; Day, Michelle A.; Barros, Ana M. G., 2018. Assessing transboundary wildfire exposure in the southwestern United States

Ager, Alan; Vogler, Kevin C.; Day, Michelle A.; Bailey, John D., 2017. Economic opportunities and trade-offs in collaborative forest landscape restoration

Ager, Alan; Barros, Ana M. G.; Preisler, Haiganoush K.; Day, Michelle A.; Spies, Thomas A.; Bailey, John D.; Bolte, John P., 2017. Effects of accelerated wildfire on future fire regimes and implications for the United States federal fire policy

Ager, Alan; Evers, Cody R.; Day, Michelle A.; Preisler, Haiganoush K.; Barros, Ana M. G.; Nielsen-Pincus, Max, 2017. Network analysis of wildfire transmission and implications for risk governance

Barros, Ana M. G.; Ager, Alan; Day, Michelle A.; Preisler, Haiganoush K.; Spies, Thomas A.; White, Eric; Pabst, Robert J.; Olsen, Keith A.; Platt, Emily; Bailey, John D.; Bolte, John P., 2017. Spatiotemporal dynamics of simulated wildfire, forest management, and forest succession in central Oregon, USA

Spies, Thomas A.; White, Eric; Ager, Alan; Kline, Jeffrey D.; Bolte, John P.; Platt, Emily K.; Olsen, Keith A.; Pabst, Robert J.; Barros, Ana M. G.; Bailey, John D.; Charnley, Susan; Morzillo, Anita T.; Koch, Jennifer; Steen-Adams, Michelle M.; Singleton, Peter H.; Sulzman, James; Schwartz, Cynthia; Csuti, Blair, 2017. Using an agent-based model to examine forest management outcomes in a fire-prone landscape in Oregon, USA