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Our photographs represent research, presentations, award ceremonies, fire simulations, tours, and educational events. Click on an image to see a larger view and description. Browse related images by tags. Photos are provided by the USDA and Forest Service unless otherwise noted.

Blackend Sedge: Carex atrata growing in the bottom of the Bubbling Creek sub-watershed of Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest.
(Credit: Lance Glasgow)
Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest map
Spring Park Creek
Gas lab
Lindar van
FASS installed in California coastal shrub land prior to a prescribed burn experiment.
High speed wind tunnel
Thermal image
Soils lab testing equipment
Daylighting around a healthy whitebark pine; removing all tree competitors
Wooden crib (4'x4'x2') in burn chamber
(Credit: Kristine Lee)
Looking over an old burn, Madison Range, MT
(Credit: Signe Lierfallom)
Fall shades and new growth, Beaver Ridge, ID
(Credit: Sarah Flanary)
Coyote Meadows, Sapphire Range, MT
(Credit: Sarah Flanary)
Field gear at Coyote Meadows, Sapphire Range, MT
(Credit: Sarah Flanary)