Wildland Fuel Lab

The Wildland Fuel Laboratory (Fuels Lab) lab is fully plumbed with water and contains extensive counter and table space for counting, measuring, and analyzing wildland fuel particles. The Fuels Lab also has 11 large ovens for drying all types of fuels such as logs, litter, twigs, and branches. The large number of ovens allows operational fuel processing of large quantities of organic matter. The Fuels Lab also has an environmental chamber for conditioning fuel to target moisture contents. There is also a muffle furnace in the Fuels Lab for estimating mineral content. Last, there is an extensive array of scales for measuring dry matter from large logs to small amounts of litter to the nearest microgram. The Fire Lab’s Fuels Lab is a unique resource for processing large quantities of biomass for analysis.


Ovens in the Fuels Lab

Audio and Video

WildlandFuel, video snippet by Bob Keane

Brief video highlighting Bob Keane's fire ecology project work with wildland fuels. Fuel is a factor in wildland fire management that we can actually manipulate and control.