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Airborne and Lidar Experiments for the Evaluation of Smoke Transport Models Wildfires are a significant source of airborne pollutants. Smoke from wildfires has significant negative impacts on public health including increased physician visits,… more
Contact(s): Shawn Urbanski

The Wildland Fire Assessment System (WFAS) is a USDA Forest Service, Fire and Aviation Management-supported system that was developed by Forest Service fire behavior researchers as an avenue to increase the utility of remote sensing and spatial data… more
Contact(s): Matt Jolly

The Wildland Fire Assessment System (WFAS) collects and displays fire danger information for the United States. WFAS is currently based on weather observations taken at fire weather stations throughout the U.S. and entered into the Weather… more
Contact(s): Matt Jolly

Purpose: The WFIPS system is intended to conduct risk-based analysis of fire management activities and wildfire outcomes for alternative investments in Preparedness, Hazardous Fuels, and Large Fire Suppression. Analysis occurs at user-specified… more
Contact(s): Mark Finney

WindNinja is a computer program that computes spatially varying wind fields for wildland fire application. See the WindNinja project website for more details. Check out the new WindNinja-Mobile application! Take a look at our WindNinja story map… more

Take a look at our WindNinja story map to see a quick overview of WindNinja and WindNinja Mobile. The WindNinja computer program is a powerful tool for predicting wind fields in complex terrain, but is inconvenient for field users. To solve this… more

WindWizard is no longer supported by the Missoula Fire Sciences Lab as the underlying software is not readily available. Much of the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling within the WindWizard framework was added to the WindNinja software.… more

1999 - 2018
Diameter growth was examined on small diameter whitebark pine 20 years after silvicultural treatments were applied. Whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis Engelm.) forests play a prominent role throughout high-elevation ecosystems in the northern Rocky… more
Contact(s): Sarah Flanary