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Keane, Robert (Bob)

Emeritus Research Ecologist
Focus Area/Association: 
Employee Role: 
Research Scientist, Retired-FS
Phone Number: 
(406) 329-4846

RMRS Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory
5775 US Hwy 10 West
Missoula, MT 59808

Photo: Robert Keane
  • Ph.D., Forest Ecology, University of Idaho
  • M.S., Forest Ecology, University of Montana
  • B.S., Forest Engineering, University of Maine
Research topics: 
  • Wildland fuel science
  • Whitebark pine ecosystem restoration
  • Ecological modeling
  • Climate change science

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Personal Summary: 

Bob’s recent research includes:

  • developing ecological computer simulation models for exploring landscape, fire, and climate dynamics,
  • sampling, describing, modeling, and mapping fuel characteristics, and
  • investigating the ecology and restoration of whitebark pine.

Bob has developed the CRBSUM, LANDSUM, FireBGC, and FireBGCv2 landscape simulation models. He developed the first versions of FOFEM (First Order Fire Effects Model) and he has written several fire hazard and analysis programs, including WXFIRE, FLEAT, and FIREHARM. He also assisted in the development of the ecological inventory and monitoring systems FIREMON and ECODATA. He is the Scientist-in-Charge of the Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest.

For additional information on Bob's Research, please see his USDA Forest Service Profile


Modified: May 10, 2021