Robin Innes

Technical Information Specialist
603-447-5448, ext 5118

Personal Summary

Robin is a technical writer and editor for the Fire Modeling Institute. She writes and edits three products for the Fire Effects Information System (FEIS): literature reviews of plant and wildlife species' relationship with fire; fire studies that contain detailed descriptions of a particular fire and its effects on vegetation; and syntheses that describe historical and current fire regimes of plant communities in specific regions. Robin also performs many technology transfer duties at the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory, presenting educational programs to the public as part of the Conservation Education Team and writing and editing various informational products for the public, including reports, web copy, newsletters, posters, handouts, and brochures.

Prior to being a technical writer and editor, Robin worked as an ecologist. She managed several ecological research projects, including one of the five modules of the Plumas Lassen Administrative Study, a large-scale, interdisciplinary collaborative project that evaluated land management practices in the northern Sierra Nevada.  She has been the lead author on many peer-reviewed scientific articles that have provided novel information to resource managers regarding wildlife species’ habitat relationships, social behavior, and movements.

Selected Publications & Products

Please see Robin's publications via Google scholar. Many of Robin's other publications are available in the Fire Effects Information System.