Sara Brown

Fire, Fuel and Smoke Science Program Manager
(406) 329-4978

Personal Summary

Sara is a classically trained ecologist, with an emphasis in fire ecology. Most recently, she was the Acting Director of the Human Performance and Innovation and Organizational Learning, Research, Development and Applications (HP&IOL RD&A) in the Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS). Prior to working for the RD&A, she spent four years as a professor of fire science at New Mexico Highlands University. She was fortunate to spend a 2-year post-doctoral period during her professorship (2011-2013) learning about, and experimenting with, adult pedagogy after earning her Ph.D. in ecology from the University of Wyoming. Sara holds a MS in environmental science and regional planning from Washington State University, and a BS in environmental science from Willamette University. From 1996-2007, she worked for a variety of federal land management agencies in fire suppression and fire management. She spent time working on a type-2 fire crew, a helicopter crew, a hotshot crew, and as a smokejumper. During her time working in fire suppression she became aware of the importance of integrating both natural and social science into land management and leadership decisions.

Selected Publications & Products

Audio and Video

The U.S. Forest Service Says It Knows How To Stop Wildfires

The U.S. Forest Service’s Sara Brown explains how to stop wildfires from being major disaster events in the United States.

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