FlamMap Installation File and Instructions

FlamMap 6.2 Build date of November 7, 2022 is the most recent certified version.

Additional Information

**With the release of FlamMap6, FlamMap5 will no longer be supported or available for download. Additionally, because FlamMap6 includes FARSITE with this release FARSITE4 will no longer be available for download or further supported.**

FlamMap ONLY RUNS in a 64-bit Microsoft® Windows operating system and features a graphical user interface. Because the program requires spatially coincident landscape raster information to run, users may need the support of a geographic information system (GIS) or analyst to prepare data for use in FlamMap.

Important Installation Instructions

***Recent changes in how the Forest Service Chief Information Office (CIO) is managing IT applications is affecting the ability of Forest Service employees to install FlamMap and other fire-related software on Forest Service hardware. For example, PowerBroker, the utility which provided the "install elevated" and "run elevated" options for software installation and execution, has recently been removed. If you are a US Forest Service user PLEASE READ the instructions contained in the download zip file for USFS Specific Installation procedures.***

The installation files are "zipped" and must be unzipped prior to installation.

Please reference the USFS Specific Installation Notes (within the Documents & Downloads): These instructions are for US Forest Service installations of the software. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE Instructions for installation on USFS Computers!

The Zip File includes:

The FlamMap6 program installation files
General Installation Notes: Please Read this file Prior to installing the program. This will apply to most users.