Fire Lab quilters win 2014 USDA Arts and Agriculture Competition Grand Prize

Submitted by fl_admin on Mon, 03/09/2015 - 08:52

The Missoula Fire Lab Quilters won the 2014 USDA Arts and Agriculture Competition Grand Prize from over 300 entries submitted from across the USDA. The winning quilt, made in 2010, commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Missoula Fire Sciences Lab. The central pieced pictorial depicts an ecosystem before fire, during fire, and after fire. The outer blocks represent various scientific advances from the Fire Lab. The four corner blocks tie the quilt to the traditional quilting arts.

RMRS contributors to the quilt include, from ALWRI, Danette Paige; from FFS, Audrey Peterson, Diane Smith, Diane Trethewey, Emily Lincoln, Faith Ann Heinsch, Jane Kapler Smith, Jo Crawford, Karen Iverson, Matt Jolly, Pam Sikkink, Pat Andrews, Penny Bertram, and Randy Pryhorocki. The group formed in 2007, often donating quilts to the Missoula community.

See photos of all the entries on the USDA Flickr page.


Missoula Fire Lab Quilt