Northern Rockies Fire History

Climate Drivers of Fire in the Northern Rockies: Past, Present and Future

Forest fires were widespread throughout the US northern Rocky Mountains during the regional-fire years of 2000, 2003, 2006, and 2007.

However, until recently there was little knowledge of whether forest fires were also widespread in the past or of the role of climate in the occurrence of such years.

Our objective was to address this knowledge using digital polygon fire atlases, fire scars on trees, and instrumental and tree-ring reconstructed climate. In addition, we modeled the landscape consequences of future fire regimes in this region, projected from changing climate.

Photo: Penny Morgan and Lauren Miller counting fire scars on a ponderosa pine tree in Idaho.


Penny Morgan and Lauren Miller counting fire scars on a ponderosa pine tree in Idaho.

Select Publications & Products

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Our tree-ring and fire-atlas data are publicly available from the Forest Service Research Data Archive.