Scoping for comprehensive decadal remapping in order capture gradual, cumulative, and broad-scale changes for the entire LANDFIRE mapping area has begun. This remap will capture changes due to drought, invasive species, vegetation succession, disturbance, and loss of open space. The main objective of this effort is to create a new "base map" (top figure) from which subsequent biennial updates can be used to keep the data current.

In order to fully evaluate the various elements pertinent to remapping, LANDFIRE is conducting after action review and scoping sessions in order to collect input that affects the scale and approach to this effort. The basic structure evaluates past, current, and potential future approaches toward three elements including product requirements, product production methods, and product applications.

During the latter half of 2014 and early 2015, a series of workshops were held at the Missoula Fire Sciences Lab in order to incorporate a research oriented viewpoint into the LANDFIRE fire modeling products. The first half of each workshop focused on “briefing” workshop participants about the current LANDFIRE fire modeling product suite.Here we discussed and documented  information from participants on how the products are working, what are the issues specific to the data, and what could be improved upon.This structured review focused on three categories: the current product requirements, the legacy of various versions of these products, and current product applications. The second half each workshop focus on “brainstorming” about future LANDFIRE fire effects products. Here we discussed and documented information from participants on potential changes to those products in the future. This structured review also focused on potential changes to the current product requirements, how these products are produced and distributed, and how these products can be best applied.

These sessions are a wider and more concerted effort toward conducting stakeholder outreach in order to assess product quality and other issues related to the production and use of LANDFIRE products over the last ten years. The outcome will be a series of recommendations that respond to the elements listed above in a comprehensive fashion. The effort will apply to the entire LANDFIRE mapping area across three major geographic areas including the Coterminous United States (CONUS), Alaska, and Hawaii and various Pacific and Atlantic islands (bottom figure).