An overview of LANDFIRE organization, processes, and products.

LANDFIRE produces consistent national-level, landscape-scale geospatial products to support fire and fuels management planning, analysis, and budgeting to evaluate fire management alternatives. Principal partners in the production process are the United States Department of Interior (DOI), the United States Department of Agriculture – Forest Service, and the Nature Conservancy.

LANDFIRE products consist of over 20 digital geospatial data layers of vegetation characteristics and condition, fire behavior and effects, fuel models, historical fire regimes and fire regime condition class. These data are based on extensive field data, compiled from existing federal and non-federal sources. Methods are based on peer-reviewed science from multiple fields. In addition to the initial creation of these products, LANDFIRE has been actively refining and updating these products for over ten years.

LANDFIRE products are consistent, comprehensive, and standardized, resulting in multiple applications to fire, fuel, and natural resources. LANDFIRE data are critical to multiple wildland fire management decision support applications, including Fire Program Analysis (FPA), Wildland Decision Support System (WFDSS), Hazardous Fuels Prioritization and Allocation System (HFPAS), and the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy.

More information about the LANDFIRE programs and the products it provides can be found on the LANDFIRE website at