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Guide for Restoration and Revegetation

The Sow Natives: A guide for Restoration & Revegetation Project brochure was created to provide information on the use of native plants in Northern Region restoration projects. It is intended to be used primarily by agency employees and contractors, but also summarizes findings that are relevant to land managers and public landowners involved with or interested in restoration. The goal of this publication is to increase awareness of native plants and their use in managed landscapes. “Sow Natives” provides a snapshot of common species included in seed mixes that may become weedy or invasive, and offers suggestions for suitable native alternatives that benefit pollinators, wildlife and plant communities.

Native plant program staff and collaborators conducted a review of non-native plant material appearing in seed mixes sold by commercial vendors within the Rocky Mountain region with the intent to provide guidance to revegetation practitioners on appropriate species to use during revegetation and restoration. This contributed to implementation of the USFS national Native Plant Policy (FSM 2070.3). National policy restricts the use of persistent, non-native invasive plant materials species. More recently, the program has provided information and resources to regional practitioners’ on native grasses, forbs, and shrubs which provide a high likelihood of success when planted in the diversified habitats of the northern Rocky Mountains including mountain, foothill, and prairie ecosystems. Recommended species include grasses, forbs and shrubs which also have high value for pollinators.

Modified: Sep 12, 2018

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