Fire Lab at Western Montana Fair

Submitted by fl_admin on Tue, 10/03/2017 - 07:32

Several employees of the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory, led by FFS Research Ecologist Sharon Hood, assisted the Lolo National Forest and the Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation in managing an informational booth at the Western Montana State Fair in Missoula, Montana the week of August 8. The purpose of the booth was to promote community awareness about two main parts of the National Cohesive Wildfire Management Strategy – resilient landscapes and fire-adapted communities. Fire Lab staff talked about fire ecology and provided information about the role of fire in the local national forests. Staff provided an interactive touch screen used to highlight different aspects of research done at the Fire Lab. In addition to Sharon, Fire Lab participants included Supervisory Ecologist Ilana Abrahamson, Technical Writer Ashely Juran, Spatial Analyst Eva Karau, Biological Science Technician Eva Masin, Help Desk Specialist Audrey Peterson, and Biologist Chris Stalling.