Rocky Mountain Center (RMC)

The Rocky Mountain Center for Fire-Weather Intelligence (RMC) is a technology-transfer platform established in 2001 dedicated to helping federal and state agencies meet their operational needs for customized fire-weather intelligence and air-resource information products via the development and deployment of science-based value-added tools and applications. RMC conducts applied research and supports a quasi-operational implementation of new decision-support tools for the purpose of testing and demonstrating their feasibility ( The overarching goal of RMC is to enhance weather- and air-resource related fire intelligence capabilities and improve decision support in the area of firefighter safety as well as in anticipating, planning for, and mobilizing firefighting resources and assets in a sound and efficient manner. RMC is administratively a part of the Fire, Fuel and Smoke Science Program headquartered at the Missoula Fire Lab and managed by the USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station.