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Facility Resources

Resource Brief Description
Advanced Computing Facilities High-performance computing systems are used to model fire spread, fire danger, and air quality to support fire operations and advance scientific understanding of fire.
Emissions Chemistry Lab

Smoke samples collected during fires are analyzed in the Gas Chromatography Laboratory.

Fire Atmosphere Sampling System

Fire Atmospheric Sampling System packages are deployed during fires to sample smoke emissions.

Lidar A lidar scanning system is used to monitor atmospheric properties of smoke plumes during fires.
Mobile Instrument Vehicle Ground-based instruments are deployed from the mobile instrument vehicle to fires to acquire measurements for smoke plume dynamics, smoke aerosol distribution, and meteorological conditions.
Soils Laboratory

Research linking fire and soils is multifaceted and the diversity of studies conducted in our lab reflects the interrelationships between many resources in the fire environment.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras are used to study heat energy transfer as fires progress.

Wildland Fuel Lab

The Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory has an extensive Wildland Fuel Laboratory (Fuels Lab) within the building.

Wind Tunnel and Combustion Lab

The Wind Tunnel and Combustion Laboratory is used to conduct burning experiments in a controlled environment under varying temperature, humidity, and wind.