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FlamMap Training

Informal Training Help System

There are tutorials in the online help system included with FlamMap. In FlamMap select the Help > Contents command and begin by reading the Using FlamMap Online Help page.

The help system and accompanying tutorials were updated as part of JFSP project 05-4-1-23. It includes more material on the Minimum Travel Time fire growth method and the Treatment Optimization Model.

We are currently updating the existing FlamMap Help file to account for recent additions and enhancements to the program with the release of FlamMap5. The existing Help file is still valid for use with the program. The Release Notes for FlamMap5 discuss the new enhancements for the program.

 FlamMap5 Workshop, Association of Fire Ecology Conference, Portland, Oregon, December 2012

This workshop was designed to introduce users to the new capabilities of FlamMap5 through lecture and instructor lead exercises. The materials posted here available for download and use and are provided as is. Experienced FlamMap users will discover helpful features and the newest modeling capabilities. While it is not a requirement, it is assumed that users of these materials are familiar with and have used FlamMap3 in the past.

The workshop was designed as an interactive and hands-on with attendees running the program using sample data available with the program in instructor lead exercises. The exercises focused on conducting basic fire behavior runs, Minimum Travel Time and Burn Probability analysis. Materials from the workshop consist of five PDF files ( ZIP; 17.4 MB ).

Users should install the latest version of FlamMap version 5 from prior to working through the exercises and materials posted here.

Formal Training

Training for FlamMap is conducted every other year as part of the S-495 Geospatial Fire Analysis, Interpretation, and Application course. For a description of the course, please visit the National Wildland Fire Training website.

Modified: Apr 23, 2020